The Cheapest Campervan, Motorhome & 4WD Hire in Australia

When ol’ Bob gets on the moonshine, he goes on and on about car drivers – “Can’t trust a car driver…A car driver’s just like a snail without a shell – where’s a man supposed to sleep after a big day’s drivin’? Why, he ain’t even got a pot to piss in!”

Needless to say, Bob is a campervan man, first and foremost. To Bob, Campervan hire is adventure, nature, freedom and most importantly sex appeal. That’s right, there’s nothin’ more sexier than a man (or lady human) in a van. In fact, studies show that your average van driver gets laid 5 times more frequently than a regular ol’ car driver*.

And it’s not just about getting laid either. Campervans – particularly them 4WD campervans, are great for gettin into all those far-out knooks and crannys that a regular ol’ car can’t get to. Places like Jim Jim Falls, Birdsville, Kings Canyon and all them secret places the gays like to meet up. Ol’ Bob went gay for a bit in the 80’s, as he likes to say “the good ol’ days before hair gel ruined the whole rodeo!”

Anyway, whether you’re gay, straight, a-sexual or one of them ‘animal kins’, Bob can get you the best rental deal on any campervan, anywhere on Earth!

*Source: School of fuckin’ life son


Bob Knows Campervan, Motorhome & 4WD Hire…

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