Birdsville, Outback Queensland. Photo: Bop

Campervan & 4WD Rental Brisbane from $29 Per Day!

If Bob can’t get you the best deal on campervan or Motorhome rental in Brisbane…he’ll go back to Texas and marry a fat woman named Michael…

Brisbane is a real laid-back kind of town. It’s more like a big town than a small city – I guess kind of like a fat man in a G-String, plenty to see, but not really a whole lot to look at…if you know what I mean. Now that’s not entirely true, Brisbane has a charm that’s hard to quantify. The summer’s are long and the smell of backyard bbq’s is all around. The people are super friendly and the nearby Gold & Sunshine Coasts are pretty darn special (it’s only 1-hour to the Gold Coast by Campervan!). If you’re lookin’ to hire a campervan, a motorhome or 4WD rental vehicle in the Brisbane area – you be sure to ask ol’ Bob about the best place to go. Bob knows everyone in Brisbane and he’ll swim through shark-infested waters to score you the best campervan hire deal in town!


The Legendary Pacific Coast

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