Campervan & 4WD Rental Sydney from $29 Per Day! If Bob can’t get you the best deal on campervan or Motorhome rental in Sydney…he’ll go gluten-free…

According to ol’ Bob, Sydney is full of wankers…”these Sydney folk are so far up their own ass they could eat for dinner what they had for lunch”. It’s fair to say that Sydney ain’t Bob’s favourite Australian city.

But Sydney has it’s charms. The beaches are incredible, the weather is amazing and the women are prettier than a cocaine sunrise. If you’re headin’ for Sydney, be sure to give your old friend Bob a call – he’ll get you a campervan so good you’ll think the goose had laid it’s golden egg right on your f#$%!n’ face!

Bob’s Campervan Hire Sydney

When you hire a 4WD or campervan in Sydney from ol’ Bob, you know you’re getting the best price! Send through your trip details below and we’ll find you a camper, 4WD or Motorhome that will give you wet dreams for years to come…


Bob’s Dirty Sydney Secret…

When Bob first arrived in Australia he pointed his hard-on towards the ideallic city of Sydney. He had nothing but a backpack and a cocaine habit, when he met a woman who would change his life – ‘Candy’.

Candy was a dancer, Bob can’t remember what sort – maybe ballet. Anyway, doesn’t matter. Candy could climb a firemans pole like a gorilla in a tree, which led Bob to believe she might also have been a volunteer fireman-lady or some such. When she told him she was a dancer, ol’ Bob got giddy – he was 1981 Texas line-dancing state champion! Bob and Candy spent a whole summer together – she’d teach Bob new dance moves and Bob would teach her the ways of the campervan.

At first Candy loved everything about campervans, but as the summer wore on, she started dreamin’ about cars – namely a 1985 bronze Datsun 120Y. She loved the shape, the ease in which it could navigate a busy city like Sydney and most of all, she loved the optional shag carpet floor mats. When she spent their entire weekend cocaine budget on a deposit for a Datsun, ol’ Bob lost his cool.

He packed up his VW and hit the road, across the vast, empty Nullarbor – chasing a setting western sun that seemed to taunt him with its infinite, positive glow. He never saw Candy again, vowed never to utter her name – she had committed the ultimate offence.

She had bought a car. But sometimes, just sometimes, when the moon is full and ol’ Bob is feelin’ lonelier than a lost shoe, he thinks back to that Summer and makes a solemn promise to himself. Never go back to Sydney, there’s far too many wankers.

Things to do in Sydney – Hire a Campervan, Rent a Motorhome or 4WD – or contact us for Travel Information

Australia’s first and biggest colonial city – Sydney has evolved to become one of the worlds great destinations. With the Blue Mountains just 45 minutes west and the magnificent Pacific Ocean right on the doorstep – Sydney is usually the first port of call for travellers to Australia.

While most travellers tend to hover around Bondi Beach, Kings Cross and Manly – they are often missing out on the REAL Sydney. The coastline north of Manly (known as the North Shore) is littered with massive headlands and perfect sandy beaches – and FAR LESS people to compete with for space!

Just south of Sydney are the urban city beaches of Maroubra and Cronulla – both perfect for a day trip if you’ve got time and wheels! Most Campervan and Car Hire Operators are based in Sydney, and Bob’s Campervan World truly recommends hiring a car, campervan or motorhome so you can truly explore the city and it’s endless nooks and crannies!

With a population of nearly 4 million, there are endless activities and tour providers to choose from – from surfing lessons and Skydiving to Winery Tours and National Parks – Sydney has everything a traveller needs for a great time!

Bob’s Campervan World has the best range of Motorhome, Campervans and 4WD’s to choose from in and around Sydney, so get into it hombre – Chase your fuckin’ dreams!

Looking For a Day-Trip Idea in Sydney?

Hire a Campervan in Sydney and explore Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park!

Sydney is fortunate to have at the edge of its suburban sprawl and 24 km (15 miles) from the city center a national park of great beauty. Visitors can take a scenic drive through it or stroll along its many tracks. Bordered by Pittwater to the east, Broken Bay to the north and Sydney’s suburbs to­wards the south, the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park covers over 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres) and contains rivers, gorges and more than 100 km (62 miles) of navigable water.

Caves and sheltered overhangs in sand­stone provided protection for the Aborigi­nes who once lived there. Rock engravings of kangaroos, dolphins, emus and sharks are their memorial. Maps on where to see Aboriginal paintings can be obtained from the Bobbin Head Information and Retail Centre or Kalkai Visitor Centre.

How to Get There: A ferry to the park leaves from Palm Beach, or follow the signs from either the Berowra, Ku-ring-gai or Cowan railway stations.