Campervan & 4WD Rental Perth from $29 Per Day! If Bob can’t get you the best deal on campervan, motorhome or 4WD rental in Perth…he’ll sell his VHS X-Files collection!

Perth is the kind of place you go when you’re in trouble. Whether it’s trouble with the law, your partner or just Sydney wankers, Perth has offered shelter to thousands of troubled souls. As the most isolated city in the world, Perth has naturally assumed a culture and identity that is distinct from the Eastern cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Loneliness has essentially been trademarked by Perth. But what it lacks in accessibility, it makes up for in natural beauty. That’s why it’s perfect for campervannin’! While most campervan, 4WD and motorhome hire places are located in Perth, there’s a few stray operators in Exmouth and Broome. Think Margaret River, Monkey Mia, Esperance and ol’ Bob’s favourite, Hutt River Principality – a micro-nation/independent sovereign state located smack bang in the middle of Western Australia.

Like a big finger to the government, Hutt River Principality was formed by a smartass upstart farmer named Leonard Casey in 1971 in an attempt to avoid the government’s aggressive ‘compulsory acquisition’ reforms. In other words, those city slicker smooth-talkers from Perth wanted to take Leonard’s farm. Boy, did he kick their ass.

Turning their own powers of bureaucracy against them, Leonard managed to secede from Australia and keep his farm – even going as far as printing his own currency and passport stamps! Hutt River Province is still there, and you can still get your passport stamped – so if you’re in Western Australia, pop in and see King Leonard and tell him he owes Bob 5 Hutt River dollars!

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