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The Gold Coast is a melting pot of fake breasts, fake people and f#@%d-up tattoos. There’s enough tackiness on the Gold Coast to fill the casts of 1,000 shitty reality tv shows. But amongst all of this tackiness are some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. From Coolangatta to Main Beach, there ain’t a beach that won’t give a traveller a hard-on.

Ol’ Bob has spent some time on the Gold Coast, mostly in Surfers Paradise, where there’s more orange people than a Donald Trump family reunion. If you’re after a night out, there’s more bars, night clubs, strip clubs and vomiting teenagers than a man can deal with.

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Aside from the beautiful natural surroundings, including the oft-forgotten hinterland regions – there’s not a lot of depth to the Gold Coast. If you’re a surfer, there’s iconic breaks like Snapper Rocks, D’bah, Burleigh Heads and of course, Kirra.

If you don’t surf and you don’t particularly like the beach, there’s still a bit to see on the Gold Coast – especially if you’ve hired a campervan or motorhome. Currumbin Valley is a lush green paradise that winds up into the nearby mountains into northern NSW and it’s nearby sectarian Hari Krishna communities and hippies. Tomewin Road winds through these hills and is a great way to avoid holiday traffic on the Pacific Highway.

On the way south you’ll come across quaint country towns like Murwullimbah, Nimbin and Lismore. Cutting back east is a patch of Australia that gives Bob a real hard-on – and it spans all the way from Brunswick Heads to Ballina (about 50km). Aside from Byron Bay, which according to Bob is full of ‘rich bohemian wannabe wankers’, this northern rivers region is paradise. Think empty beaches with thick rainforests and quiet country towns. There’s plenty of caravan parks and national parks for camping – and they’re all campervan-friendly and often just minutes walk from the beach.

Anyway, the Gold Coast has plenty to offer for a weekend campervan getaway or an extended stay when the waves are good. Just beware, there’s more fake people in this town than in a Barbie doll factory!


Bob’s Dirty Gold Coast Secret…

Back in the 80’s ol’ Bob spent a bit of time on the Gold Coast as roadie for new-wave electric-folk-punk band ‘Thundergasm’.

During this time he frequented the night club scene in Surfers Paradise – and more often than not if you visited ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ on a Saturday night, you’d see ol’ Bob there burnin’ up the dance floor, his nose whiter than an Alaskan winter.

And while he enjoyed driving the band around in his campervan and surfing iconic Gold Coast breaks, it was the Hare Krishna community of nearby Tumbulgum who truly made his stay on the GC memorable. With their incessant chanting and fashionable, easy-to-manage haircuts, Bob felt at home. He even fell in love with a local Krishna woman, who had appropriated a local aboriginal name as her own (as is fashionable in this region). But Bob’s fascination with these quiet mountain refugees of the 1960’s was not to last.

The Krishna’s chose to overlook Bob’s indulgent drinking, but they couldn’t abide his obsession with eating meat. Being a native of Texas, ol’ Bob was practically bottle-fed beef as a baby. And so, when Bob was given an ultimatum by his new friends: eternal transcendental peace or his meat diet. I think you can probably guess what he chose.