Hire a Campervan or 4WD in Airlie Beach from $29 Per Day. If Bob can’t get you the best deal on campervan or Motorhome rental in Airlie Beach…he’ll stop drinking (water)!

Bob loves the Great Barrier Reef, but there’s 2 things about the tropical north that bug him. Way back in 1998 ol’ Bob went up there in his camper to see what all the fuss is about…”Oh Bob you gotta see the reef…it’s sooooo incredible…ohhhh, ahhhhh” etc, etc.

On his way north along the coast, past Noosa and Gladstone, through Rockhampton and deeper north still, ol’ Bob was startled by the sheer number of old people…”There are ancient humans fuckin’ everywhere man…it’s like steppin’ on into God’s waiting room”.

Now ol’ Bob ain’t too fond of old people as they tend to remind him of his own mortality, which tends to send him into these strange moments of catatonic, existential crises. The other thing about North Qld he don’t like is all the boats.

Ol’ Bob gets seasick and just the sight of a boat is enough to make him vomit worse than a Victoria’s Secret Angel after dinner. As he always says…”Ol’ Bob is a land-lubber, a man of the highways – n’ when I die you better f#%&!n’ believe they’ll name a street after me”.

Bob’s Campervan Hire Airlie Beach

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