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Campervan, 4WD & Motorhome Rental Australia

Ol’ Bob will tell you that there’s no greater joy a man can experience than hoovering a fresh line of cocaine off the back of sedate gorilla in a floral bikini. But on other days he will say that only a great Australian roadtrip can warm a cold man’s heart. So go figure…personally I’d take the roadtrip and if a cocaine-wielding gorilla happens to cross my path, then I guess it’ll be good times all around.

Most people start their campervan adventures from Sydney, Australia. The east-coast roadtrip is one of the most popular self-drive trips our customers take in Australia. Driving up to Cairns from Sydney you’ll see hippies, people who refuse to pay taxes and more epic surf than you can handle. Whether it’s the smelly hippies in Byron Bay and Nimbin, or the XXXX-swilling Brisbane bogans – you’ll find Australians a pleasant bunch. Even more pleasant when they find out you’re in a campervan!

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With over 100 Campervan, 4WD and Motorhome hire locations across Australia, Bob’s Campervan World is your ticket to the BEST roadtrip experience. From Sydney to Melbourne, Coolangatta to Kalgoorlie, ol’ Bob’s got your ass covered for cheap, reliable, affordable and unbeatable campervan, motorhome and 4WD Rental deals! And relocation deals? You bet – just let us know where you wanna travel and our team of extremely good-looking humans will make it happen! Where can you rent a campervan, motorhome or 4WD you say?